After what seemed to be a never-ending parade of cold fronts. The weather although still windy has made a turn towards summer. Migrating Tarpon have shown up in numbers. The trick is to get on these fish before the sun comes up. The early bird catches the worm theory seems to work well. The best bite of the day comes just as the light starts to break and these fish start to roll. This morning we were surrounded by hundreds of big Tarpon. If your the first boat to get on these fish, chances are really good you’ll get hooked up. These fish will eat a plug or fly and it’s off to the races. This morning we hooked 6 Tarpon and got one to the boat. Personally, I’d rather hook em, get a load of jumps while hanging on for dear life. And then just jump them off. Although most of my anglers would much rather fight the fish to the boat. Me. I think it’s more fun to jump them off and just keep hooking fish. It’s a lot less pain! Getting on these fish, making casts into schools of rolling Tarpon. Well, it doesn’t get any better. Watching a big fish eat what you’re throwing at them and explode out of the water is as much fun as you could have with your clothes on! I’ve been fishing Key West for 48 years. I’ve been around the block. When I tell you May, June and July produce some great fishing you can take that to the bank. As well as Tarpon, Permit and Bonefishing is at it’s best. I have all the gear, you bring whatever you care to eat and drink. And were gone… One more thing. Bring a good pair of sunglasses and leave the Flip Flops home.

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