Hi this is Captain Rick Mager on Flats Fever here in Key West Fl. Well here it is, it’s winter time in Key West. That is if you can call it Winter. It’s all relative. Yes it does get down to a blistery 60 degrees when cold fronts roll in. But for the most part it’s sunny and 80 degrees.I know it’s tough to handle, so goes life in the Florida Keys I’ve been fishing Key West waters for 48 years. It never ceases to amaze me how good fishing can be.Yesterday we had a N.W. 15 knot wind, just an other winter day.I ran down to one of my favorite spots. We had the right tide, conditions were good.We started off getting into schools of big Jacks.These 15 pound fish on top water plugs or Fly provide anglers with some great action.No sooner did we tie into these fish we started seeing big Tarpon rolling and tailing up.These Tarpon are local fish that spend the winter in the Keys. When conditions are right you can catch them year round. Sight fishing big Tarpon gets your heart pumping.I don’t care if it’s your first fish or your 50th fish.The excitement level is off the charts. We were throwing swimming plugs into schools of fish right in front of the boat. And it didn’t take long before we were hooked up.These Tarpon explode on these plugs and go ballistic. Jumping 10 feet in the air while screaming 200 yards of line off your reel.You have seconds to get off the stick(push pole) and chase these fish down before getting striped.Fighting 100 pond fish on 20 pound test will put any angler to the test.By the end of the day we hooked 5 big Tarpon releasing 2 at the boat.Not bad for a 3/4 day! Just another winter day in Key West. Winter time fishing can provide some good opportunities for anglers.When the weather is right and water temperatures are above 70 degrees you can find Tarpon, Permit and Bone Fish.But when temperatures drop and the water cools off. There’s plenty of other action to be had.Big Jacks,Cuda,Trout,Blue Fish and small Tarpon can fill out your day quite nicely. I’ve been fishing Key West waters for 48 years. I’m a one boat one captain operation.I like to get away from the boat traffic and fish places where the only sounds you hear are the birds and the wind.When you fish with me you probably won’t even see another boat.I cover a lot of ground and you get to see some really beautiful places. It’s always good to book ahead and not wait to the last minute.That’s it for now.Hope to see you on the flats.Capt. Rick Mager

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