I’ve been fishing Key West waters now for the better part of 48 years. Chasing down fish in every direction, always looking to learn something new.One indelible fact I’ve learned, is you never stop learning. I don’t care how many years you fished. Staying ahead of the game is full time job! I’ve seen many seasons come and go.Every year different then the last.The diversity of fish and changing weather patterns will keep an angler on their toes. Fishing tactics and game fish differ from month to month.It’s a constant game of chess.Winds, tides,water temps.are just a few of the variables. As we get into our winter season I’m already seeing a change in fish species.The resident Tarpon are still around, as well as Permit and Bones. Matter of fact the permit fishing as really amped up this past week.We landed a 40 lb. fish a few days back. Took me two hands to lift him out of the water.Threw a live crab into a bunch of tails and hooked that big fish. Even on 20 lb. gear it was a struggle to land that big Permit.We’d get him close and he’d run out another 30 yards of line.I never get tired of catching those fish! I never get tired of fishing.When my time comes I hope I’m hooked up on a fish with a bent rod in my hands. If you got to go, what better way can you do it! As we get into our Winter season we start seeing different fish coming into shallow water.Once the water temps get down under 70 degrees we start to see Big Jacks. These fish are tackle busting dive bombers. Throwing top water plugs and flies into these 20 lb. torpedos makes for some great fishing.They fight hard, take long runs. and wear out gear.Along with Blue Fish,Trout,big Cuda’s and 10 lb. Mackerel.Winter time can and does offer up some great fishing. Me I like to leave out on the early side.Like to get on these fish as the sun is coming up.Beating out other guides is kinda my thing.I have an 18.5 Master Angler Maverick boat.With a new 175 Suzuki. So I get to the best fishing spots,fast..I use only the best of the best gear.And cover a lot of ground.I don’t fish much around Key West.I enjoy hearing nothing but the wind an seeing nothing but endless flats.You fish with me and it’s all hands on fishing.I cover the ground, and will work hard to put you on the fish,That’s it for now.See you on the flats Capt Rick Mager on Flats Fever

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